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Why Use Audit Software?

There are various reasons to use audit software which will be further explored in this section.  At a high level, the key reasons include:

On a personal level, learn a new skill

Improve company decision making using improved data.

Increase the efficiency of an audit

Reduce routine tasks to provide more time for creative and business analysis

Provide improved transparency governance of the organization

Identify quantitative root causes for issues

Reduce fraud and abuse

Identify savings in supplier, customer, human resource, computer, and enterprise management



Case Studies / Articles

Why Use Audit Software Instead of My System's Report Writer?

Audit software provides many unique benefits over standard report writers including...


What Are the Common Reasons To NOT Use Audit Software?

There are many reasons, all not very valid, for not using audit software including...


Audit the Data....or Else whitepaper released by Baroudi Blour consulting firm providing numerous pros for using continuous auditing and monitoring techniques at organizations.


Tools / Links

See AuditSoftware.Net's free diagnostic service to help you maximize your software investment.  Watch the video at the above link on the benefits of auditsoftware.  


Fighting Fraud and Validating Controls Under Sarbanes-Oxley With Audit Software (presented at the IIA's General Audit Manager conference - March 24, 2004) 

 - PowerPoint Version


Presentation (Adobe) on the Benefits of Audit Software provided by Audimation Services


Need Some Good Articles on Return on Investment?  Take a look at this page on CIO.Com that has many tools for calculating technology ROI or see this one on CIO.com.

Intelligent Enterprise -  Intelligent Enterprise is the only IT publication focused exclusively on the most critical issue in business today: unlocking the value of collected information for competitive advantage.


What you don't know about Sarbanes Oxley (CFO.com) - New requirements under Sarbox may require that all material events be disclosed in 2 business days....sounds like an opportunity for continuous monitoring.


  IDC White Paper Showing Business Analytics Provide Healthy ROI - Returns range from 17%to more than 2,000%.

  Business Intelligence: Can't Live Without It - Article from InformationWeek provides some positive statistics for using business intelligence tools.

  Business Intelligence Get's Smarter - CIO magazine article on why business intelligence are seeing high growth in recent times. 



Making accounting information move in real time (BFMag.com) - This article was written over 6 years ago! and provides a basis for more timely reporting of accounting information to help organizations have better transparency and control.


Turning Data Into Actionable Information (ZDNet) - According to an IDC research report, the median return on investment I for Business Intelligence ("BI") solutions is 112 percent in 12 months. With the promise of that kind of ROI, numerous BI vendors are updating and extending their products to take advantage of the trend....






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