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@Risk - Monte Carlo simulation tool add in for Microsoft Excel.


ActiveData for Excel - Easy to use Excel add-in that replicates most of the functionality of ACL or IDEA software and adds on additional useful Excel functions. 


Audit Intelligence - provides an automated solution to transform Financial Statements from static reports into interactive tools that allow the professional to investigate beyond the numbers.  Presented in easy to understand, graphical views, Audit Intelligence can help quickly pinpoint areas of concern or unusual events in a business by identifying changes in patterns, trends or ratios.  


dslimited - provides advanced add-ins to find spreadsheet errors.


(Microsoft) Excel - Spreadsheet software.


iModel Predictor 2003 is a powerful Microsoft Excel add-in which allows users to discover empirical patterns within their data.  iModel Predictor 2003 has been proven useful in a wide range of business situations from Candidate approval evaluations to prediction of securities and stock market trends.   Visit www.pececillo.com for your free, 30 day evaluation copy along with articles and tutorials. 


Spreadsheet Auditing Limited is a leading producer of Excel spreadsheet auditing solutions  EXChecker is a standalone auditing application for analysing Excel spreadsheets. It consists of a suite of powerful tools that are designed to assist Excel users in the analysis, development and auditing of spreadsheet models.

Spreadsheet Professional automates the process of finding risk areas in spreadsheet models.


Xdrill - Sheetware's aim is to produce professional software for the people using spreadsheets, making them more powerful and easier to use. Our products are designed to address real needs from these people, and have been developed in consultation with them.  Our flagship product, XDrill (tm), deals with these concerns. If you have ever looked at a spreadsheet and wondered: (1) Where does that number come from? (2) How can I find my way around a spreadsheet that someone else has produced? (3) Which cells affect that number, and how is it affected if I change one of them? (4) Can I make my spreadsheet into a management information system? 




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