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The 2005 Buyer’s Guide To Audit, Anti-Fraud, and Assurance Software

The 2005 Buyer’s Guide brings together over 500 hours of research of 100 software vendors serving the audit, anti-fraud, and assurance marketplaces. It is the only book of its kind and it’s sure to become an indispensable reference. It comes complete with tools to assist in product selection, as well as, for setting a solid plan in using these powerful technologies.

Features at a Glance:
Saves time in product selection
Summarizes over 500 research hours/100 vendors
Provides implementation best practices
Clearly defines the audit, anti-fraud, and assurance software market
Forecasts industry trends that will affect purchase decisions

   Fraud Detection and Cash Recovery Using ActiveData for Excel - The purpose of this 8 hour CPE course is to assist auditors, fraud examiners, and management in implementing data analysis routines using ActiveData for Microsoft Excel. It is hoped that through the dissemination of this new information that more analysis will be done using audit software to prevent and proactively detect organizational inefficiency, ineffectiveness, and fraud. It walks through 16 common fraud detection, cash recovery and audit tests within the accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger audit areas. 
This course will: 1) Introduce you to the powerful combination of ActiveData and Excel, 2) Walk you through basic fraud detection and cash recovery reporting concepts, 3)  Map out each step for the most common of fraud detection, cash recovery and audit tests, 4) Equip you with sample data, providing a glimpse of the resulting report prior to the (crunch time) situation, and 5) Suggest fraud detection and audit procedures to perform on the resulting reports.

   Proactively Detecting Occupational Fraud Using Computer Audit Reports can help auditors worldwide fight fraud using computers. The document will assist auditors, fraud examiners, and management in implementing data analysis routines for improved fraud prevention and detection. To that end, this report provides a comprehensive checklist of data analysis reports that are associated with each type of fraud scheme. It also provides general guidance to help an audit team get started analyzing company data.  Also see the table of contents and the foreword.
      Fraud Investigations Using IDEA - Sophisticated data analysis tools are essential to discovering and preventing fraud in large organizations.  This publication will help explain how fraud is applied in an electronic environment and how to prove the fraud case each step of the way from broad data analysis techniques to specific interviewing of employees.  It will also present classic fraud schemes and unique fraud-revealing data analysis concepts. 
  Fraud Toolkit - Stop scratching the surface. Unleash today's most sophisticated data analysis techniques to tackle your organization's hidden enemy - fraud.  With minimal preparation and study, even novices in computer-aided auditing can quickly start running powerful tests in ACL.  This out-of-the-box fraud detection kit offers advanced batches that can be quickly customized to meet specific audit needs. Each step is highlighted and explained with screen shots, flow charts, example data tables, and descriptive commentary.

Using Microsoft Access to Audit Payables for Fraud - Accounts payable have always been a preferred target for fraud by employees. This course will help you gain a clear understanding of the concepts used to audit payables for fraud with Microsoft Access® and why certain tests area more effective than others.  You will learn the following in this 8 hour CPE course: 1) Basic features of Microsoft Access, 2) Types of audit software, 3) Proactive detection of fraud using audit and other planning tools, 4) Four steps needed to request data from a client, 5) How to modify tests for different situations and needs, 6) How identify where vendor payments are going, 7) How to summarize debit memos.  To learn more, watch the sample video (requires Macromedia Flash Player).  Also, see the recent product review on AuditNet.












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