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The Buyer's Guide to Audit, Anti-Fraud, and Assurance Software

Benefits at a Glance

  • Contains the result of over eight hundred research-hours—saving you time and effort.
  • Written for auditors, risk managers, and fraud examiners.
  • The most extensive analysis ever completed of the audit software marketplace.
  • Over 150 products in five categories and twenty-four subcategories analyzed.
  • Full-page vendor analysis for over 150 vendors.
  • Learn the secrets of those who succeed using these tools-and why others fail.

The Buyer’s Guide provides the first comprehensive look at this emerging market, covering more than 150 vendors and containing material literally available nowhere else. Roughly one-half of the Guide’s pages is made up of essays and articles from the three coauthors on how to successfully implement a computer-aided audit environment, what tools to implement first, how to negotiate with vendors, what the real long-term benefits of new software are likely to be, who needs training, what sort of schedule is realistic, and how to avoid winding up with a lot of costly shelfware! The remainder of the book consists of in-depth coverage of each vendor, including their history, unique features of their products, and support for user groups, contact information, and more.

“For internal and external auditors, fraud examiners, financial and IT managers, this Guide could easily save tens of thousands of dollars and more importantly, make your next software implementation a timely success rather than a drawn-out exercise in frustration.”

-Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal

Recent book review by the New York State Society of CPAs


To start, our collective research time spent in developing the Buyer’s Guide exceeded 850 hours. This is time that you should save in reviewing the associated vendors as we are doing our best to serve up to you what you need to know when selecting vendor(s).

More specifically, we have:

  • Updated the top trends affecting the industry and your next purchase based on interviews, surveys, and consulting assignments with users and vendors.
  • Included a new section on “What Holds Back Implementing Audit, Anti-Fraud, and Assurance Software …and How To Fix It”, "Automating Anti-Fraud Procedures", and a related chapter on “An Effective Data Analysis Methodology”.
  • Updated all of the software functionality sections in the guide based on new research and findings.
  • Included a new section on Benchmarking and External Data Tools as we see more companies using benchmarking information to better manage their business.
  • Added close to 50% more vendors to the guide based on new entrants to the marketplace and a further expansion of the “net of audit software”.

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