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As regulatory changes sweep the globe, auditors, risk management, and compliance professional are pushed to use ever more sophisticated tools, and continually look for new methods to tie those specialty tools into ever-more complex systems. There is simply not enough people to do the work so new technology is needed to extend and maximize each person's contribution. But unfortunately these changes are not yet driving the wider use of advanced audit software tools. Today's challenges are many:

  • Effective use of audit technologies requires cultural support for internal auditing, technical skills, and IT systems capable of being audited.

  • Can a product meet the specific auditing needs?

  • What about cost and the ease of training those responsible for using the tools? And what about compatibility with other department's systems?

That's where AuditSoftware.Net comes in! Join an independent community of auditors and financial professionals working together to more effectively learn and use technological tools for data analysis and business intelligence.



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