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AuditSoftware.Net re-launches with a new look and feel

Based on a host of user feedback, we have decided to upgrade the Auditsoftware.Net site with a new look, improved navigation, and a more streamlined approach to content. We hope that the new approach will make it much easier to find what you are looking for on the site. If not, please EMAIL US if we can help you locate answers for your audit software questions.

Below is a quick summary of the website content:

Audit Software Library Articles and other content is organized into the following categories: Continuous Monitoring & Auditing, Detecting Fraud with Software, Improving Audits with Software, Project Management, Recovery Auditing with Software, Sarbanes-Oxley Technology, Using Excel in an Audit Capacity, and Videos

Vendor Directory Lists of vendors with links to their website for every type of audit software imaginable.

Bookstore - Auditors and financial professionals need all the help they can get these days and the AuditSoftware.Net bookstore has been designed to bring it to you at affordable prices. The categories are Buyer's Guide, Fraud Detection Software & Publications, Spreadsheet & Database Tools, and Test Sets & Automated Audit Scripts.

Training, Services, and Events Every month, AuditSoftware.Net will host a free webinar and various other training options (self study and group study). Learn more about the training, services, and events Audit Software Professionals can provide you here.

Discussion Area - One of the most important goals of AuditSoftware.Net is serving as a gathering place where members of our profession can communicate with each other-ask questions, share ideas, and trade experiences. We decided to add a blog to the site to make that communication easier. I'll be posting frequent tips, thoughts, and items for discussion and invite you to jump in. Check back often to see what's going on.

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Don't miss the Audit Software Expo May 1st and 2nd, 2006 in New Jersey

With the need to automate audit functions and compliance activities, there is no better place to learn about all of these technologies than the North Jersey Audit Software Expo. The expo is free to anyone who wants to browse the 20 vendors representing practically all audit software categories. Further, educational programs are delivered over the two days at very reasonable pricing ($200 for Institute of Internal Auditor members for 2 days or 13 CPE credits). What's more, every person attending the May 2 nd seminar will receive a free copy of the Buyer's Guide to Audit Software (a $180 value).

Check out last year's website or learn more about the May 1st and 2nd event at http://www.theiia.org/chapters/index.cfm/view.events/cid/43.

March 14, 2006: Improve your bottom line: Eliminate T&E fraud through expense automation
Professionals interested in learning how to reduce and control travel & entertainment fraud cannot afford to miss this FREE Webcast. You'll get answers on how expense control automation directly impacts your company's bottom line.

March 16, 2006: Master Vendor File: Best Practices to Prevent Duplicate Payments & Fraud.
Learn from this program how to reduce the chance of duplicate payments & gain control of your vendor file.

Product Special - Revenue Test Set for ACL Software

Revenue and receivables are the top areas for financial statement fraud. It can also be an area prone to control weaknesses and inefficiencies. Protect your company with The Revenue Test Set, a software add-in to ACL and accompanying publication that runs over 30 reports in the revenue area. With the menu-driven interface you can start doing necessary, worthwhile work within a few minutes of opening either book. Every application is open-ended: you can include additional batches, customize existing ones, create a new interface, whatever you wish. Watch the seven-minute Video explaining the benefits or learn more.

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