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Companies worldwide are witnessing the benefits of utilizing SEC information to assess their audit fees and top risks affecting their peer group. One of the most economic ways to get started is to have a custom report processed for your company combining the power of the AuditAnalytics market intelligence engine with the consulting expertise of Audit Software Professionals.

With this service and a peer group we will help you define of up to 100 similar companies, you can get quantifiable SEC database evidence to answer:

  1. Are you paying your auditor too much?
  2. What are the most occurring restatements, company reported control deficiencies, and auditor reported issues?
  3. Are you working with the most or least popular audit firm?
  4. What companies are switching from and to our auditors?
  5. Are you showing any red flags to regulators or investors?
  6. How do you stack up in general to the entire database of SEC filings?

Get started with this service so you can look like the smartest person in your next auditor review, audit committee, or audit planning meeting.

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